Web Design for Vacation Excursions

An online industry that is booming in recent years is the local vacation excursion company. Excursion companies offer on the water experiences to enhance your vacation or simply allow you to try a new adventure. Book an experience and see the coastline via parasail, grab a snorkeling tour to local islands or test the deep waters and learn how to scuba dive. However if your excursion company’s website doesn’t capture the amazing experience you deliver then you are likely to miss out on traffic and potential business!

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Marine Excursion Website Design

Marketing Services

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search engine optimization is imperative for excursion companies as you want your customers to find you as high up in the search engines as possible. Most people who search for your business tend to be last minute clients or are planning additional ‘fun’ while on a cruise ship. Either way, your site needs to stand out not only in web design but in rankings. With the ever-evolving changes of the Internet, you need an experienced marketing company that specializes in vacation and water adventure excursions.

SEO is a combination of:

  • Information that is designed for both the last minute client and those planning an excursions while on vacation
  • Social Media on availability, special offers & images of just what to expect on their adventure
  • Backlinks from Directories with proven success
  • Optimized copy on your web pages
  • Well-designed website with rich content
  • On-going management from experts who know SEO!

Keyword searches may be different, and yes, some people may search snorkelling, snorkel tours or snorkel tours Caribbean but we know just which terms you should be ranking on for your local area. Plus we can easily explain to our clients what works and what doesn’t because this is what we have been  doing for 15+ years. This saves you time, money and gives you the peace of mind that hiring Charternet for your SEO or any Internet Marketing for your excursion business was the right move!

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PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

Pay per click with Google and Bing will present your company on the top of searches even if you are in a tough competitive market.  Combine this with remarketing and video ads and your prospective passengers will see you front and center over the other vacation excursion companies.

PPC is a combination of:

  • Well define keywords for your snorkelling, diving and parasailing adventure tours
  • A budget that fits your business needs
  • Meaningful ads that highlight the experience your guests will have on the water

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Social Media

To run a successful business online you can no longer avoid social media.  Prospective customers expect to see reviews of your business on Yelp, a Twitter feed with the latest testimonial, great offers and reviews of your different adventure tours.  All of these social media platforms will drive additional business to your website and get the phones ringing.

Social Media is a combination of:

  • Social media sites including Yelp, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and TripAdvisor
  • Images and daily fresh content including seasonal specials and tour information
  • Videos highlighting the snorkelling, parasailing and diving experiences they can expect with you and your guides
Marine Excursion Online Marketing

Website Functionality
Specific to Water Excursions

You know the vacation excursion market and what is takes to compete with the tour company on the other dock, but we understand the technology that can make your site more impactful and easy to navigate for your next customer.  At Charternet we leverage plugins to ramp up your websites with added features of convenience while delivering a unique customer experience:

  • Online Booking Calendar – 24/7 online reservation conveniences means no more missed calls to ensure your tours are booked out to maximum capacity
  • Instagram, Twitter and Facebook Feeds – Make sure your latest photos and video shares on social media sites are replicated to your site with simple plugins to keep you from duplicating effort
  • Google Map integration for ease in delivering directions to your location

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