If we can’t be on the water there is nothing better than making sure you are!

Mike Marcin


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Charternet – Thank you! You may not get on the water with me and my crew everyday but you are 100% part of my company’s team. Thank you so much for taking care of all my online website and marketing needs. When I need help or have what maybe a silly question you are always there! Thanks for making TacoHookedUp the success that is today.

Captain Taco

Just also wanted to let you know my business has doubled since I changed to Charternet handling my site. Thanks a million! You have done everything you said you were going to do and what a change that is in business today!

Captain Lloyd - 
Orlando Fishing Guide

I had a comment today from a prospective customer saying he looked at about 19 charter sites, and mine was the most extensive and well done. I told him thank you, but you are the one that deserves the credit.

Nick Newburg - Benchmark Sportfishing

Your services have always been excellent. Of special note is the patience you have had, especially with me. I may hold a captain’s license and know my way around a boat but my computer skills are not as advanced. Thank you again for all of your website assistance for our new and small cruise operation.

Captain Ed Pomianoski
 - Riverboat Charters