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The goal of any marine mechanic and contractor web design project we perform is to take as much care in presenting your work on your website as you do in performing services for your customers.  Whether it be marine diesel, gas, electrical, boat detail or other boat service, your customers need to be confident that your company offers professional services at a fair price.  That is why a well-designed marine mechanics website is so important.  It establishes the first impression of your company that will ultimately determine if they pick up the phone and call you.  Our web design experts will ensure your specific experience and expertise is communicated on your website in the positive light.  You can be rest assured your marine repair website will be delivered in a responsive, mobile friendly format that allows your customers to find you when looking for a qualified mechanic while even on the water on their phone.

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Marine Mechanics Web Design

Marketing for Marine Mechanics

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search engine optimization is critical for mechanics, contractors and yacht repair shops as you want your operation to show up first on the major search engines.

Marine Repair Shop SEO is a combination of:

  • A showcase of your latest projects (such as a successful engine repower job)
  • Yelp reviews from customers sharing their great experience with your business
  • Back links to mechanic and repair shop directories within your area
  • Well organized and written information on the services you perform
  • Continued management from a team that is familiar with marine mechanics keywords!

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PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

Pay per click with Google and Bing will present your repair shop on the top of searches in a timely fashion, even if you are new to your area.  Combine this with video ads featuring your mechanics and recent jobs and your prospective customers will see you as being a mechanic they can trust.

Marine Mechanic PPC is a combination of:

  • Well defined keywords
  • A budget that fits your boat and yacht repair business
  • Meaningful ads covering the services you offer and manufacturers you are certified for

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Social Media

You are providing key services to maritime crew and captains and in order to have a successful online business you cannot avoid social media.  Captains and crew expect and want to be reminded of their continuing education and recertification needs and keeping it front and center on Facebook and Twitter is another way to lure more business to your website and get the phones ringing.

Maritime Education Social Media is a combination of:

  • Maritime education updates are best featured on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook
  • Fresh content including educational classes, boat safety courses, on the water training, sailing certifications and USCG captains licenses

Website Functionality
Specific to Marine Mechanics

While it is not generally required for a boat and yacht repair operation to have the most technical website, there are some feature that will assist you in maintaining it.  We have various plug-ins that allow you to keep the site updated while easily delivering timely information to your customers:

  • Store Calendar – showing the dates and times you are open for business
  • Post Updates from your Phone – Take pictures on your phone of your latest work and post them directly to your website
  • Facebook Integration – Show your latest posts and customer feedback directly on your site from Facebook
  • Product Sales – Offer products for sale that you have designed or acquired from past job and want to sell

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