Fishing Charter Web Design

Fishing charter web design is where it started for Charternet and has been our focus from the very beginning.  Whether you are a new captain starting a charter and need a new website or an experienced pro and are looking for a redesign, we have your fishing website covered.  Our web design experts will ensure your specific fishing experience is communicated on your website.  Are you targeting the party crew or the naturalist who is more interested in the experience than the catch?  Does your trip include a few beers for the ride or is it all serious business?  Whatever the case we have many web designs to choose from.  You can be rest assured this experience will be delivered in a responsive, mobile friendly format that allows your customers to find you while on their fishing vacation even from their phones.

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Fishing Charter Web Design

Marketing for Fishing Charters

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search engine optimization is imperative for fishing charters as you want your customers to find you as opposed to your competitors when they are in town to fish.

Fishing Charter SEO is a combination of:

  • Fishing Reports
  • Social Media on the latest catch
  • Back links to Fishing Directories with proven success
  • Optimized copy on your fishing pages
  • Well-designed fishing charter website with rich content
  • On-going management from experts who know Fishing Charter SEO!

Keyword searches may be different (yes, some people may search deep sea fishing more than offshore fishing!), we know how competitive certain fishing charter are, and we certainly know how to easily explain to our Captains what works and what doesn’t.  That saves you time, money and gives you the peace of mind that hiring Charternet for your SEO or any Internet Marketing for your fishing charter business was the right move!

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PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

Pay per click with Google and Bing will present your fishing charter on the top of searches even if you are in a tough competitive charter market.  Combine this with remarketing and video ads and your prospective passengers will see you front and center over the other boats at the dock.

Fishing Charter PPC is a combination of:

  • Well defined fishing charter keywords
  • A budget that fits your charter business
  • Meaningful ads that highlight the experience your guests will have

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To run a successful fishing charter business you can no longer avoid social media.  Prospective customers expect to see reviews of your business on Yelp and TripAdvisor, a Twitter feed with the latest catch and photos, and a Facebook site with some personal information on the captain.  All of these social media platforms will drive business to your website and get the phones ringing.

Fishing Charter Social Media is a combination of:

  • Fishing charter social media sites including Yelp, Twitter, Facebook, and TripAdvisor
  • Daily fresh content including fishing reports, picture of guest, stories from the captain and seasonal specials being offered
  • Videos of the massive tuna, salmon, shark, etc. that was just caught
Fishing Charter Technology

Website Functionality
Specific to Fishing Charters

You know all the hot spots to fish and just how to reel in the next catch just like we understand the technology that can make your site that much more impactful.  At Charternet we leverage plug-ins for fishing captains to ramp up their websites with added features of convenience while delivering a unique customer experience:

  • Online Booking Calendar – 24/7 booking capabilities for your web savvy anglers
  • Weather Feeds – Give your client a heads up on just what the weather may look like for their charter
  • TripAdvisor Feed – You’ve got awesome reviews and we make sure your next potential charter can see them
  • Phone Integration – Post your latest fishing report directly from your phone while cruising in from the day’s trip

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