Our Mission:

Simply stated…

We are dedicated to keeping you on the water. This means connecting every one of our clients with their customers. Our goal is to put you in front of them such that you can show them how great you and your business are.

Meet the Team

What We’re All About

Charternet is a design and marketing company that is focused exclusively on the Marine Industry.  By having this dedicated approach we offer our clients knowledge and specific product offerings that only we can.  As avid boaters ourselves, we can relate to your business and understand the complexities of the trade.

We’ve Come a Long Way

In 1996, we were known as the Rob Roth and Patty Daley’s small online venture. Back then, only friends and family members knew what Charternet was. However, with our skilled staff’s dedication and everyone’s constant support, we became the go-to web directory for charter brokers, charter service providers, and other marine and tourism related services like diving schools and accommodation. Whether in the blue waters of the U.S. or the azure seas of the Mediterranean, we are here to connect you with the best of the best.

Inspired by our love for the water and everything marine, we took our dedication to our clients up a notch and began steering them through the mysterious waters of the online world. With us by your side, captain, rest assured that you can withstand (and welcome) waves of traffic, successfully avoid ill winds from competitors, and dock safely at the top of search engine results.

Whether through search engine optimization or internet marketing techniques, rest assured that Charternet will make your store, charter service, or facility a well-known name in online circles.