Marine Insurance Web Design

Providing affordable, reliable insurance coverage to the marine industry means you need a website that is modern, easy to navigate and makes selecting the appropriate policy a breeze for your potential clients! Our web design experts will ensure your different policies are displayed with clarity, detail, and are engaging on your website.  Are you targeting the part-time fishing charter, the complete hull agreement covering the whole shebang and/or everything in between?  Do you offer 24/7 claims service? Do you work closely with a variety of insurance companies to offer tailored policies?  Whatever the case, we have many web designs to choose from.  You can be rest assured this experience will be delivered in a responsive, mobile friendly, search engine friendly format that allows your clients access to quotes while looking at their new boat at the dock!

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Marine Insurance Website Design

Marketing for Marine Insurance Companies

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search engine optimization is imperative for marine insurance providers as you want your potential customers to find you as opposed to your competitors when they are searching for the best policy.

Marine Insurance SEO is a combination of:

  • Creating content that is relevant to the insurance needs of your prospective clients
  • Social media, e-newsletters and white papers to engage your potential client
  • Client reviews to provide potential clients with validation that your agency is knowledgeable and trustworthy
  • Optimized copy on your website pages
  • Well-designed marine insurance website with rich content
  • On-going management from experts who know Marine Insurance SEO!

Keyword searches may be different (some people may search boat insurance more than yacht insurance policies), we know how competitive the marine insurance business is, and we certainly know how to easily explain to our insurance providers what works and what doesn’t.  That saves you time, money and gives you the peace of mind that hiring Charternet for your SEO or any Internet Marketing for your marine insurance business was the right move!

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PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

Pay per click with Google and Bing will push your marine insurance business to the top of searches even if you are in a tough competitive insurance market.  Combine this with remarketing and video ads and your prospective clients will see you front and center over the other insurance providers.

Marine Insurance PPC is a combination of:

  • Well defined marine insurance keywords and keyword placement
  • A budget that fits your insurance business
  • Well-crafted ads that highlight the customer service your clients will have

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It goes without saying that in the highly competitive market of marine insurance having a strong social media presence is a must. With many social media avenues at your disposal, especially for a privately owned insurance agency or smaller insurance broker, there are few tools that can accurately convey your message at a grassroots level in your area.

Marine Insurance Social Media is a combination of:

  • Utilizing several avenues of social media including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube
  • Daily fresh content including customer testimonials, white papers, news and blogs
Boat Insurance Online Marketing

Website Functionality
Specific to Marine Insurance

You want to give your clients the easiest, user-friendly experience possible when searching and maintaining their marine insurance policies. At Charternet we leverage technology to expand marine insurance websites with added features of convenience while delivering a unique customer experience:

  • Quote Request – In depth quote request forms for each and every policy offered
  • Interactive Claim Center – makes it easier than ever to report a new claim or view a current claim
  • Live chat with potential clients to answer their questions in real time
  • Find an agent with Google Map integration

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