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If you’re looking to drive more qualified visitors to your website and usher those potential customers into booking, paid search advertising can be an effective tool in your marketing tacklebox. Done right, paid search ads can earn you quality leads, but if done haphazardly, it could end up becoming a costly flop for your business, rendering a poor ROI.

What is PPC?
Pay-per-click (PPC) is a paid advertising tactic that has become popular for “instant” qualified leads. PPC allows you to display ads that are relevant to what your customers are searching for. Think of it as an online magazine. It is valuable for businesses, big and small, who are looking to grow and get in front of potential clients quickly.

What is the goal of PPC?
While organic tactics such as SEO strategies or promoting your business on social media can be effective, targeted and paid advertising brings you more of the right visitors at the right time. Using PPC, you can offer your audience what they are looking for to convert them as customers. PPC is not just for Google, Yahoo, or Bing, but can be used with the various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Advantages of using PPC:

1) Gain Instantaneous, Measurable Results. PPC gets you back on the water faster during your peak seasons. Everything done in PPC can be measured directly from your campaign cost, profits to views, visits, and so on, giving you a dashboard of results and enabling you to make informed decisions on how to continue targeting your campaign. If your campaign isn’t working to your expectations, we can pivot to make changes to your marketing strategy.

2) Target the Right Audience. Via a PPC campaign, you can drill in and select the target audience location and duration for your ad, allowing your campaign to appear based on factors like keywords, location, website, device, time, and date.

Marketers can also target based on demographics and interests of their targeted audience. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn enable you to precisely target an audience, giving you a more precise audience for greater conversion rates.

3) PPC is Highly Manageable. Throw out the “set it and forget it” mentality with a PPC campaign. With a PPC management plan, you’ve got the helm in this marketing adventure.

If you want to drive better web results for your business, invest your time and resources in PPC. With our expertise in digital marketing strategies, we have unrivaled success in PPC. To help you get started turning Google searchers into web visitors into clients, let’s start with a FREE MARKETING ASSESSMENT. Please fill out the form below: