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Vacant Slip? Online Booking Calendars Get Them Filled!

Customers love the 24/7 online convenience of booking online! With mobile friendly booking calendars, clients get the access they need. 


If you have been avoiding adding a booking calendar on your site because you thought you needed to talk with each customer first, it is time to consider the conveniences many online customers expect. The feedback we receive from client’s using online booking calendars is just the opposite.

Clients get the access they need and you take advantage of these key benefits:

  • Email notifications of an online booking
  • Customers receive custom email notifications automatically
  • Eliminate double booking the same slip with easy to use admin panel to update bookings even via your phone
  • Custom calendar to match the look and feel of your site
  • Responsive – Customers can book from phone, tablet or desktop!

Wouldn’t you love to have all these advanced bookings?


Don’t let your competitor snag the boats before you – deliver online convenience for those customers that are ready to book online! Contact us today for more information.


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