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Marine businesses all over the country are trying to find ways to make themselves seen in the most effective ways possible. While SEO, PPC, and Social Media strategies are important, they all rely on something critical – customer reviews! During this time, cultivating and relying on your customer reviews (past and present) should be part of your larger marketing strategy. An extension to word-of-mouth referrals, the reviews about your business offer that validation and piece-of-mind for prospective and returning customers. In fact, 88% of customers report they trust online reviews as much as they do personal recommendations.

How Can You Help Your Reviews Shine?

  • Feature your reviews on your website: Many online tools are designed to support online reviews for most web platforms. Having that additional resource on your site not only encourages additional reviews but puts your brand and expertise on full display.

  • Reputation management: Great reviews go a long way in promoting your business, but negative reviews can hurt the credibility of your business and keep customers second-guessing their commitment. Use this negativity as an opportunity to learn about issues that you didn’t know existed. If a customer leaves a comment with an issue, provide them with a solution to their problem, and hopefully turn that negative comment into a positive one. To keep the positivity flowing, remain professional, respond promptly, correct inaccuracies, and if possible, try to take the conversation offline.
  • Don’t spam or write fake reviews: Your customers are smart. They can generally fish out a fake or misleading review. Additionally, there are risks and consequences of posting fake reviews that can vary from platform to platform, which could range from having the reviews pulled or hidden all the way to costly fines.

Online Reviews Help Boost Your SEO

Online customer reviews can also influence which businesses show up when consumers search for terms relevant to your businesses. In fact, reviews are one of the most important ways to boost your SEO ranking. Google takes review ratings from multiple sites, such as Facebook, Yelp, and TripAdvisor into consideration when determining the order of businesses it returns in local searches. Which in today’s climate, you may find yourself competing even more for local and travel attention.

If you’d like help getting more reviews or managing your current ones, let us know! You can either fill out the form below or contact directly at 844.866.9283.

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