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PROJECT LAUNCH: A fresh, modern design for Yolo Catamaran Charters

We’ve seen more and more marine businesses making moves to better their position online in many different ways – and they are not all marketing related. A few weeks ago, Yolo Catamaran Charters reached out to us with questions regarding updating their website. The owners offer an all-inclusive, fully crewed, luxury sailing charters are offered onboard Yolo II, a spacious and incredibly comfortable Lagoon 52 catamaran. They hadn’t been in business for about 2 years after losing their original vessel in a hurricane. When they contacted us, the owners had just completed the construction on their new catamaran and they were ready for a modern, easy to use website that conveyed luxury and elegance that customers would experience on their brand new yacht.

When the country went on lockdown and travel bans were popping up, Yolo Catamaran Charters decided to move forward with the new design and get their ducks in the row for when everything opened back up. And the result is a stunning new website that is ready for marketing!

Thank you to everyone we worked with at Yolo Catamaran Charters. It has been such a pleasure and we are looking forward to working with you in the future!

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