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Here we are with our latest customer feature – Global Yacht Services! When Charternet came under new management back in 2014, the new team at Charternet Web Solutions had the honor to continue a longtime partnership with Global Yacht Services with a sleek, new website redesign! However, in this feature, we are highlighting the amazing relationship with Global Yacht Services since the launch of the site.  We recently sat down with Mike, owner of Global Yacht Services, to review his feedback and see what kind of impact to the business the redesign process and continued relationship with Charternet has had!

Give us a little back story.

As a Worldwide Supplier of Yacht Equipment and Services, my job takes me all different places.  I get calls from Captains, Engineers and Crew from Croatia to Thailand and all throughout the Caribbean and Europe.  Which means, I don’t have a lot of time to worry about my website.  That’s the main reason I hired Charternet Web Solutions.  Their marine industry experts redesigned and host my website.  They gave it a much more modern style using their insight to maximize my imprint on the web.”

And how has your website and business been since the launch?

“Since the launch of my website things have been operating very smoothly.  If I have any questions or would like to add anything, I can always count on the team at Charternet Web Solutions to resolve any issues in a timely manner.  They offer the personal service that is so hard to find in this day and age.  It’s always good to speak with a real person every time you call.  Good luck finding that with one of the big hosting companies.


Was the redesign process worth it?

Charternet Web Solutions is a great company to partner with.  Although we all receive lots of those emails “promising” web sites for a few bucks, sometimes we have to stand back and think about what it means for our business.  As we go through business day after day, the old saying that “you get what you pay for” certainly rings true as far as advertising and good service goes.  My site is the first place my clients and prospects go to find out about me and the services I offer.  I’ve found Charternet is a company I can trust to ensure we are looking our best.  At the end of the day, it’s nice to know that my website is in good hands and I’m comfortable knowing that it’s one less thing I have to be concerned with.  I can say in all confidence that going with the good people at Charternet Web Solutions has no downside…

A huge thank you to Mike at Global Yacht Services for taking the time to sit down with us and giving us your honest opinion of your experience with the Charternet team!

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