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New Mobile and User Friendly Website + Booking Calendar Integration for Charleston Charter Fishing!

We are starting off March with an amazing website transformation with Charleston Charter Fishing! The team at Charternet Web Solutions had the honor of continuing our longtime partnership with Charleston Charter Fishing by updating his aging website into a user-friendly, responsive website that not only made is customer base happy, but also made Capt. Geoff, owner and operator of Charleston Charter Fishing, happy too! Take a look at what he had to say about his entire website redesign process:

Give us a little back story. What led you to redesign in the first place?

“My existing website was made in 2009 by Charternet. Over the years, it had become somewhat archaic and, in an attempt to achieve the functionality I wanted, we had bolted on some pieces over the years. As I saw how technology was advancing and knowing I do not do any print advertising, it was important to me that the website be crisp and overtime it had begun to look dated.”



In your opinion, what were the specific issues you wanted fixed with the redesign?

“Two big problems. First, I could never make any changes by myself and would always have to call web guy. As a result, absent content made the blog and site seem stale. Simply changing my prices was a big deal. I also had zero ability to monitor titles, meta data and tags. This made my organic SEO growth limited at best.
Second, both my constant contact and google analytics were consistently proving what everyone was saying: that mobile/tablet users were outnumbering desktop users. Mobile became the largest slice of the pie for me in 2015. And once Google made it clear that sites that were mobile friendly would be ranked higher, I had to make a change.”

How did the redesign process go?

“Throughout this whole process, I was actively able to work with the Charternet team to develop a site that had a much cleaner presentation. It is now on the WordPress platform so I can edit literally everything myself and focus more on building up my organic SEO rather than PPC.”



Was the redesign process worth it?

“I have been with Charternet since 2009. One of the most appealing things to me about continuing to work with them is that someone is always there – year in and year out – to pick up the phone. I could have saved money by going with a one-man shop or someone’s sister who moonlights as a designer but I would have lost much more in piece of mind!”

One of our favorite parts of Charleston Charter Fishing’s new website is the brand new, fully customizable booking calendar! This particular booking calendar allows for Charleston Charter Fishing to offer a fully responsive booking option on his site, shows full availability to potential clients, and the collection customer payment information while not actually charging them until the day of their charter (collection deposit is available also) all on a highly secure site! Below we briefly show the customer experience and administrative flexibility:

Front End:


Administrative side:

A huge thank you to Charleston Charter Fishing for taking the time to share their experiences with the Charternet team but let’s close it out with our favorite quote. “I wasn’t sure Charternet was right for me until…..I saw the bloopers at the end of the “Meet the team” video. I knew for sure then I would be in good hands.” – Capt. Geoff!

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