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Capt. Jeremy, of Ankle Deep Charters, knew he would have to be competitive when beginning his new career as a fishing charter captain in the Key Largo area. This popular tourist destination is full of seasoned captains and charter businesses that have been online for decades, which was very intimidating for a new guy just starting his business. According to Jeremy, he “had to decide on how to spend money to be competitive with others who have long been established. I chose to utilize Charternet Web Solutions and their SEO marketing team to grow my business organically, rather than 3rd party sites and Google paid ads.” 

Sarah, Marketing Director for Charternet Web Solutions, met with Capt. Jeremy to determine his goals and aspirations for the new business. Having an up-to-date, user-friendly website was determined to be the priority. To drive traffic to this new site it was determined that a supporting SEO (search engine optimization) marketing plan was required to establish an online presence. In order to meet Ankle Deep Charter’s needs, we created a custom package for them which included Website Design and SEO – and now we are extending this discounted deal to all of our clients. Check it out here! 

Once Ankle Deep Charter’s new website was completed by our design team, our marketing team was ready to jump right in and get to work on SEO. According to Capt. Jeremy, “this was probably the best decision I have ever made. The Charternet Web Solutions marketing team immediately had me competitive and ranking high on the 1st page shortly after joining. They had me ranking with those who had been established for a much longer time.” 

Ankle Deep Charter’s new website and SEO marketing plan have grown his business tremendously: 

  • Organic leads increased 36% in the last 3 months 
  • The company is now ranking on page 1 of Google for 11 of the 20 target keywords 
  • The remaining keywords are on the top of page 2 and gaining ground on page 1 

Are you a new marine business looking to get started with a new website and marketing plan? Or an established marine business but your online presence could use some work? With over 2 decades of marine industry experience, Charternet Web Solutions delivers stunning website design and powerful marketing management plans to fit any budget. Our experience within the marine industry combined with expert knowledge and analytics means your marine business will rank high and your phone will ring with prospects! 

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