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2020 has been an unusual and challenging year, so far, in the travel industry. It can be difficult to imagine a post-COVID-19 world, but counties all over this country are entering stages of reopening – with many open already. As a marine business owner, have you asked yourself this question: has your website been adapted and optimized for a post-COVID reality?

Now, more than ever, technology isn’t just a nice to have, it’s a must-have for connecting businesses to their customers. People who were otherwise reluctant to adapt to the shifting technological landscape find themselves tossing their latency aside and wading the waters of connected technology. Needless to say, your customers are – and will continue to be – online.

So, imagine business is back up and running. Will people come running to you? If your website isn’t properly optimized, chances won’t be in your favor. Use this to make sure your website is poised to attract the customers you need for a profitable business.

Here are 3 important steps you can take for improving your business website optimization:

  1. Always keep the user experience (UX) top of mind: Go through your website with the lens of a prospective or returning customer. Each page should be crafted in a way that is efficient, relevant, and pleasant. Ask yourself:
    – Is the site easy to navigate?
    – Does it engage the user to explore more or call?
    – Are there clear calls to action?
    – Is the check-out process easy to complete?
  2. Reevaluate content quality: You can post blog after blog or have specific landing pages on your website, but unless you are truly catering to the audience’s needs and optimizing for search engines (we can have your back on this one), it’s likely to fall flat. Give your readers what they want. Dig deep into your content. Ask us about a keyword strategy and how to drive thoughtful content when relevant.
  3. Post Regularly: If your blog content is taking a backseat, your SEO will suffer, and you’ll lose the rankings you and your team worked hard to earn. If, however, you’re staying on track and posting frequently, you’re likely to appear higher in search engine rankings, making it much easier for potential customers to locate your business online.

While it might initially seem like a large lift, the ROI is there. Optimizing your website creates a top-notch user experience for your customers, giving them a lens into what makes your business unique.

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