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Mobile Friendly?

Is Your Site Mobile Friendly? Google Cares!

Big changes on the horizon from Google and they all relate back to how you are liking reading – Mobile Device. Google announced starting April 21st, 2015 that search results for mobile-friendly websites in their search engine will change dramatically. It all boils down to if you don’t have a website that displays properly in a mobile device, Google may not rank your site well (or at all ) in their mobile search results.

Please note, this does NOT affect desktop searches! While we have received many calls from concerned clients about how this will impact their current rankings again please note if your site is responsive, mobile friendly you will not disappear from the search engines. While its possible your mobile rankings will be impacted, your site rankings are OK in desktop search.

However if there has ever been a time to focus on the changing behavior of your potential clients and customers now is the time. On average, 85% of people today will use their mobile device to research a product or look for a service. Plus many use their mobile devices to check-in on social sites like Facebook or Twitter. And I am sure you can recall waiting on dinner or the doctor and to pass the time you quickly access your email, news or investigate your next vacation.

If you’re not sure if your site is mobile-friendly you can use Google’s free tool by clicking here. And if your are not mobile friendly, don’t get dinged by Google even in mobile search results! We have several cost effective options available to ensure you present a modern, professional site that is 100% responsive on mobile devices, tablets or your desktop. Get mobile friendly.