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Strike while the Iron is Hot and Getting Hotter…

Our country is just beginning to crawl out of its pandemic shell. From the beginning of the pandemic until now, there has been a decline in the use of many digital ad platforms, including Pay Per Click (PPC) ads. This decline provides an opportunity for advertisers to take advantage of reduced competition and increase market share without incurring a change in their current advertising budgets.

With many at home, the internet is the place people go to for everything. A PPC ad provides the opportunity for more people than ever to see your ad and learn about your business. Additionally, as the world begins to return to normal, consumer spending is expected to increase. Right now, however, many consumers are still more tethered to home and screen, making PPC advertising one of the most effective ways to capture the imminent discretionary spending uptick.

Another point to consider is that PPC advertising is down as a whole, simply because companies thrashed their advertising budgets on a blanket level without careful consideration of pros and cons. If many other companies are scaling back their PPC presence, this is all the more reason not to. With less competition, companies won’t need to spend as much on PPC to gain visibility.

In short: When times are good, you should advertise. When times are bad, you must advertise.

PPC Pros in All Scenarios

While COVID-related changes have certainly increased the benefits of using PPC, there are additional PPC benefits that exist both with and without the pandemic. PPC is a highly trackable form of advertising, allowing a business to adapt ads to increase sales traffic in real-time and immediately fix what might not be working. Another fantastic pro of PPC is the targeted nature of the ads. Businesses can make ads only visible to a certain geographical location, demographic, time of day, as well as related search term correlation. This control means that businesses can really get strategic in writing ads that connect with buyers to attract traffic and drive conversions.

A Word from the Wise

According to The Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE), our country’s Small Business advocate and mentorship agency, businesses should “consider investing the bulk of a company’s marketing dollars in paid advertising.” SCORE goes on to state that PPCs are “the fastest and easiest way to direct traffic to your website and products.” With such an endorsement from the country’s most well-established small business advocacy and mentorship group, PPCs sound like the definitive way for businesses to invest their advertising budget.

COVID has made it easier and less expensive for businesses to run PPCs as well as made online shopping (and browsing) the dominant form of consumer spending. These changes make PPCs a natural choice to proliferate a business’s influence in the current market landscape. The highly adaptable budget of a PPC campaign allows a business to change, pause, or even stop a PPC as needed which lends a huge level of control and traceability to a campaign. This same adaptability and traceability also pays dividends by targeting specific consumers allowing a business, essentially, to pay for play. By only paying for what is utilized, PPCs provide a dynamic budgetary option for direct, targeted consumer contact. In sum, COVID has created a dynamic landscape for businesses to enter the PPC landscape and the nature of PPC advertising provides true power in the pockets of a business.

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