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Website Design

Use the Offseason to Focus on Your Web Presence


The kids are back in school and families are back to the daily grind. This is the time for you to analyze what worked and didn’t work. Was your website helping generate leads? Did it hook people in to book reservations? Here are 3 facts about your website that might put that into perspective:

  1. A two-year-old website may be too old! With how often the web changes, an outdated website runs the risk of not displaying properly in the web browser, having unexpected formatting issues, or not showing up effectively in search engine results. For this reason, a site that is even two years old may be antiquated if it has not kept pace with these changes.
  2. A good website design ranges between $1200 – $5000. If you’re surprised at this range, we completely get it. But think about the number of man hours and collective brainpower that goes into optimizing websites for search engines, making content accessible across browsers – including mobile devices like cellphones and tablets, and improving overall performance by speeding up your website’s loading times.
  3. There’s a big difference between responsive and mobile web design. We talk about the subject a lot and for good reason.  These are two very different approaches to shifting screen sizes for different devices. In the simplest terms, mobile design is restrictive. It serves up a separate, and often limited, version of your website that can be used on smartphones and tablets. However, because mobile websites generally provide visitors with the bare basics that the site has to offer, they won’t get to see the full glory of your web design or use it to its full potential. Responsive design is extremely flexible (what Charternet specializes in), allowing websites to resize and reflow their layout based on the visitor’s screen size. This gives visitors a consistent experience from large-screen, high-resolution monitors all the way to the smallest smartphone touchscreens, while also having an experience that is suited to each of those individual devices. Responsive websites will simply adapt to their environment, while maintaining the same stunning images, typefaces, and navigational options – and you don’t have to maintain 2 websites!

The ins and outs of website design are in fact mind-boggling, and a high level of updated awareness and attention to detail to create the best website possible is a necessity. Keep these facts in mind as you look to growing your web presence in preparation for next season! Interested in having your site capture what your business is all about and everything you have to offer? We at Charternet Web Solutions deliver sites that offer easy navigation, making the redesigned websites both human and search engine friendly. We take pride in offering responsive design, a necessity for businesses to connect effectively to the smart phones and devices that are quickly replacing the desktop/laptop. Contact us today to get started!