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CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT PART TWO | On-Going Website Maintenance & Marketing Strategies Drastically Improve Business

In part one of this series on Mainsail Yacht Charters, we talked about how on-going site maintenance has drastically improved user experience. If you haven’t read it already, jump on over and give it a quick read. Our custom integration with Central Yacht Agent really pushed his user experience to the next level and the access to instant information, while never leaving his site, drastically improved his conversion rate!

In part two of this series, we see how our marketing team continued to work with Kevin to ensure, with the upgrades to the site, that his marketing strategy was being updated as well – and the results have been nothing short of amazing. With the improvements made to the website, and specifically the specials page with integrated brochure, we are now sending more ads within Adwords to the specials page. In addition, we have updated the ad copy for our ads to highlight some of the features of the specials page and standout deals.

With more quality content on the specials page, the ‘quality scores” that determine the relevancy of ads, keywords, and landing page to our audience have improved. We now have numerous keywords with 10/10 quality scores which is the best possible rating you can get for a keyword! Higher quality scores means that we are more likely to outrank competitors. This means that we are able to rank higher on the Google SERPs for less money.

Check out the outstanding Google Adwords performance below. Plus all has been achieved with zero change to the budget:

  • 5% increase in conversions
  • 13% increase in clicks
  • 13% decrease in the cost per click
  • 28% increase in impressions

In Facebook, we have created visual advertisements for specific yacht specials on the specials page. We are now able to send ads directly to the yacht page on the Mainsail website that has the integrated brochure. Previously, we had Facebook ads going to the brochure website which was separate from Mainsail. Having the two integrated allows people to stay on the site longer, and explore all of the yacht details in one place. Plus, our Facebook ads have tons of audience engagement with people liking, sharing, and commenting on the ads on a daily basis.

Facebook conversions improve as well:

  • 5% increase in direct leads
  • 14% increase in clicks
  • 16% decrease in the cost per click
  • 24% increase in impressions

Overall, there was a 90% increase on people taking action on our Facebook ads which includes (likes, comments, shares, and clicks). Again, all while our total Facebook budget remained the same.  The customers get a fantastic search experience and Mainsail’s business is converting at a much better rate! Kevin reported  that:

“January was a fantastic month. The best it has been a while! I am not sure if it is the new changes and integrations on the website, the ads you’ve been creating (more on this next week in part 2), or a combination of everything but what you’re doing is working very well! Keep up the great work!”

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