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Customer Feature | FishAye Trading Company

In 2015, we at Charternet Web Solutions had the wonderful experience of working with John Doherty of FishAye Trading Company. We recently sat down with John to review his thoughts on the redesign process and how it has changed & grown his business since it was launched last year.

FishAye Trading Company specializes in creating dynamic art pieces using a technique called fish rubbing. The fish rubbing process, also known as Gyotaku, began two thousand years ago in the Orient. It was originally done to document species and sizes of fish. It then transformed into an art form. The Gyotaku technique allows for a truly accurate image of all the details in each fish. John says he uses this method “to make the image look as natural as can be. First I mix up paint or ink and then apply it directly on the fish. Next, I simply cover the fish with fine paper or fabric and gently rub.”

Give us a little back story. What led you to want a redesign in the first place?

My website started as a basic start up site.  As my business evolved [and grew] the site was added to and patched together. The merchant section was difficult and was limiting sales. [Once I decided it was time to do something], I met over the phone several times with Tiffany , Michael and Nicole from the Charternet team. [They] listened to my budget and ideas.”


In your opinion, what were the specific issues you wanted fixed with your redesign?

“The main issues with my site were visibility and uniformity. Pictures were all different sizes and the merchant account was limited.”

Now that your new website is launched, what has your experience been?

“I have a solid SEO plan and am reaching a much broader audience. We have the ability to easily make changes and add promotions almost instantly. The new website reflects my art and style in a digital format. There are so many companies that design, build and host  websites. I found that Charternet is reasonable in cost, attentive to ideas, willing to do new things and completely capable of handling all my growing needs.”

From an analytics standpoint, we have seen a drastic change in traffic to John’s site as well. He has increased an average of 30 spots in his Google rankings over the last 6 months with a majority of the key word rankings being new!


We have loved seeing John’s business flourish with his new website in place and seeing the great response to how is art his showcased. Just take a look at some of his latest product reviews:

Just bought this at the Wellfleet Oyster Fest! Just what I have been looking for! Love the heavy frame and beautiful print.


Received one of your note cards as a “thank-you-for-a-thank-you” note. Liked it so much that I’m ordering a box of 10.

John G.

Gave these to a couple who love to fish for their bridal shower. They loved them!


A big thank you to John at FishAye Trading Company for taking the time to sit down with us and giving us your honest opinion on how your experience was with the Charternet team!

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