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customer reviews boost business

This spring and summer, the peak season for a lot of our clients, was one of uncertainty in 2020.  As we enter the slower part of the year, now is the time to evaluate where you can strengthen your marine business and set yourself up for success going into 2021. Regardless of industry, there’s nothing more valuable in growing your business than customer referrals and testimonials. Facebook, Yelp, and TripAdvisor, arguably the Internet’s largest social-local platforms for reviews and research, tout a combined 485+ million monthly users, dominate in local search engine results, and have the ability to shut down businesses overnight. Without a doubt, these platforms will be critical to the success of your local reputation in 2021! Potential customers who are looking to get out but not travel far are actively looking at what your current and past customers have to say about you, your service, and the on-the-water experience they are going to receive.

Here are a few nuggets to bring some perspective:

  • 90% of customers read online reviews before choosing a company to go with
  • 88% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations
  • Customers are likely to spend 31% more with a company that has excellent reviews
  • Customer reviews are 12 times more trusted than product or service descriptions

So what does that mean for you? Gathering and sharing your customer testimonials demonstrates how you deliver on your promise in the real “new normal” world, with real people. A positive customer review resonates in a whole new way post-COVID that other marketing efforts just can’t. It conveys more than honesty – a glowing review confirms your credibility and trustworthiness, extends your reach to a broader audience when customers publish reviews on social media, and makes for engaging content to share on your website, in your fishing reports & news, and via social media.

Need help getting those customer reviews out into the world? By continuing to provide great customer service, asking your customers to review you, and monitoring those reviews, you can easily take advantage of the impact reviews have on today’s consumers. By teaming up with Charternet, our mission is to strategically position your business over the internet for success! With Charternet you’ll have a dedicated online marketing team that you won’t have to educate about the marine industry. Our team has proven strategies and tactics that have been generating top results in the marine industry for almost two decades. Our marketing experts will keep you up to speed with monthly reports and always be available to connect with the latest regarding your plan. We are dedicated to keeping you on the water!

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