Website Design – Why Blend In When You Can Stand Out

By Internet Marketing, Marine Marketing, SEO Marketing, Website Design

At Charternet we help you get noticed! You have one chance to make the right 1st impression and today that boils down to your website therefore ensure your marketing dollars are generating customers by having a great website that easily converts your visitors. Our team, dedicated to the marine industry for 17 years, will deliver a website that is modern, user friendly and leads to more sales. Top Graphic Designers in the Marine Industry Content Management System that will allow you to add or change content at no additional cost Responsive Design so your site will look great on mobile…

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Red Flags You Haven’t Found the Right Internet Marketing Company

By Internet Marketing, Marine Marketing, Pay Per Click Marketing, SEO Marketing, Social Media

Each month I inevitably get a call from a new client or a prospect I have been working with that says “XYZ told me they can do this!” There are thousands of Internet Market Companies out there but just like with anything there are a few rotten apples in the bunch. If you have been sucked in by a great sales pitch though here are 4 red flags that should make you question their ability and force you to continue to research them or your other options. “We Guarantee!” – Run! Don’t Walk Away. And know 100% that no one…

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The Effects of Weather on Your Ad Spend

By Internet Marketing, Pay Per Click Marketing

Since we have been working with marine professionals for more than 15 years we know all too well how quickly weather can effect a captains charter schedule. Our marketing professionals certainly don’t have any control over the calm waters but we certainly do over your Google Adwords spend. The Charternet team can run a script that allows for the adjustment of your bids based on current weather conditions allowing our fishing charters, divers, sailors, etc. to scale back during inclement weather, saving that budget to bid more aggressively when the time and weather are right. How is it possible –…

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Important Email Information – Non-Hosted Email Alert!

By Internet Marketing, Marine Marketing, Pay Per Click Marketing, SEO Marketing, Website Design

Important:  Email Forwarding & Website Form Notifications Please note based on recent universal email regulation changes, Charternet urges you to review your email policies and account forwarding set-ups. If you are using non-hosted email, such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc. there are circumstances in which email will not be delivered or forwarded.   If you do not make the business decisions with respect to email please be certain to forward this message to the appropriate person in your office. Non-hosted providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc. may begin blocking your message because of the following: Volume of emails being sent each day by the same “from” email address…

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Don’t Write Your Fishing Report Like You Planned the Charter

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Captains, Charter Business Owners, you ought to be blogging. If you are not, you should start. Blogging or as we call them writing “Fishing Reports” is a fantastic way to engage potential fishermen visiting your site on what a day on the water will be like with you! Plus the search engines absolutely love fresh content. But here’s the thing, you CAN NOT be boring. We know there is nothing boring about your charter once they step off the dock and into your boat so if you do it on your website, you have lost them. Learning how to write…

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