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Don’t Write Your Fishing Report Like You Planned the Charter

Captains, Charter Business Owners, you ought to be blogging. If you are not, you should start. Blogging or as we call them writing “Fishing Reports” is a fantastic way to engage potential fishermen visiting your site on what a day on the water will be like with you! Plus the search engines absolutely love fresh content. But here’s the thing, you CAN NOT be boring. We know there is nothing boring about your charter once they step off the dock and into your boat so if you do it on your website, you have lost them.

Learning how to write well and deliver interesting content can be challenging, but the payoff is cold, hard cash. More than 80% of marketers who blog on a daily basis make more money on their investments than those who don’t, according to LinkedIn.

Blogging Benefits

If you think about writing your fishing report just like you think about your next charter you may just lose them. Don’t get me wrong keyword stuff your blog with all the staples:

  • What dock you left from
  • What cove you visited
  • What type of fish you caught
  • Sea life you experienced
  • Weather conditions

BUT … Where you reel your site visitor in hook, line and sinker is with some added flavor:

  • Details of an amazing catch
  • The fish that got away
  • A guest’s first time experience
  • Where guests’ are from and why they are on the water with you

Half the reason someone booked a trip with you was because you were likable … infuse that likability into your blog post to ensure you get the next customer in line!

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