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A Website Update Boosting it “Light Years” into the Future Featuring Marine Diesel!

And we are back with another customer feature for you! We had the privilege to work with Marine Diesel on updating their website last year. Our team has so enjoyed working with everyone at Marine Diesel, but when we asked them if we could feature their redesign in one of our customer spotlights, their response was amazing – let’s just say they had a “dark side” experience prior to having us “Jedis” join their team! In their own words, here is what Marine Diesel had to say about their redesign experience with Charternet Web Solutions:

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, we had a customer that wanted to exchange services. He ran a website hosting company and offered to get us on the internet with a ‘great website and launch our exposure into the stratospheric’! And with that, a deal was struck: we would work on his boat and he would create a website for our business.

The website that we received from him was not at all what we had expected. It was too dark, had no information, and graphically it was a disaster. To top it all off the contact page didn’t work and there was placeholder content everywhere – for a year! Getting in touch with him to fix these issue was next to impossible and if he did make some changes, he usually broke something else.

The worst part was that we felt embarrassed to send any customers to our website. As a result, we just kept it on the back burner – basically pretending that it didn’t exist. Occasionally, my boss asked me to change the graphics around and try to link some pages together, however I am not a web designer so it was still amateur status at best.


Prior to our redesign, the majority of our business comes from word of mouth. It is a small industry on a big coast and in the beginning, business would be local with a few exceptions of people out of state looking for hard to find parts. A lot of where we would spread our name was on boating forums and through Ebay sales. Many of our customers are world travelers and our name would get around that way. Our base of manufactures has also helped to get our name out there.

That all changed once we sat down and had a professional company look at our website. Charternet Web Solutions worked with us on getting a more user-friendly, refined, and informative website. How they explained everything and how they laid it all out for us, we knew right away this was going to be a worthwhile investment. Being able to work with a company that truly knew our industry and had the ability to give us what we needed played a large part in us deciding to go with Charternet Web Solutions!



Since our website redesign, we have been able to step our marketing and advertising up a notch without being embarrassed on where we are sending our potential clients or worry about marking the wrong first impression!  Also, our new website gives us more exposure over the internet by allowing people to search for specific services or parts and have our website come up. It doesn’t look like a thrown together, placeholder site anymore.  This gives our current customers a reliable avenue to contact us – where ever they are in the world! Plus, we have the added bonus of the manufactures that we are dealers for have a great site to add their name to. And we know they are happy to put their logo on our website and get the exposure they deserve!

Over all, our website redesign experience was painless and effortless. The team at Charternet Web Solutions is very professional, informative, and have a level of expertise that will give you the piece of mind that your website will be on the cutting edge of web design and innovation. Their knowledge about our industry, courtesy, attentiveness, and continued quick response have made us at Marine Diesel Services happy to be a part of the Charternet Web Solutions family.

We cannot thank Marine Diesel Services enough for taking the time to write out their opinion of their experience with the Charternet team!

Time to modernize your site and deliver the right 1st impression? At Charternet Web Solutions we deliver sites that offer easy navigation, making the redesigned websites both human and search engine friendly. We take pride in offering responsive design, a necessity for businesses to connect effectively to the smart phones and devices that are quickly replacing the desktop/laptop.  Contact us today to get started!

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