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5 Dated Sites Consolidated to 1 Modern, User-friendly Website for Bareboat Sailing Charters

Here we are with our second customer feature this month – Bareboat Sailing Charters! Over the last 2 months, Charternet Web Solutions had the honor continuing our longtime partnership with Bareboat Sailing Charters with a website redesign to consolidate 5 websites (with identical content) down to a manageable, modern, user-friendly website that would convey what Bareboat Sailing Charters is all about.   We recently sat down with Brian, owner of Bareboat Sailing Charters, to review his feedback and see what kind of impact to the business the redesign process has had!

Bareboat Sailing Charters specializes in chartering new and near-new Beneteau and Jeanneau sailboats ranging from 42 – 54 feet. They start your charter adventure in Newport, RI in the most famous harbor in America – Newport, Rhode Island. Also, they are the largest bareboat yacht charter company in New England!

Give us a little back story. What led you to want a redesign in the first place?

I have been a longtime client of Charternet Web Solutions. They managed several variations of the same site for me on 5 different domains for a long time. With so many sites and places to edit, it took quite a few man hours to make sure everything was running the same on all sites – including a separate mobile site. I began to realize this last year that not only was it getting costly to make edits, but since my site was a bit dated, I was losing potential customers based on user experience as well. I decided I wanted to consolidate everything into one place with a modern, easy to navigate forum.”

In your opinion, what were the specific issues you wanted fixed with your redesign?

“My main issue was that I had a lot of content spread across a lot of domains (5 in total). The content on my site was hard to navigate and not conveying the message I wanted to give to my customers. I wanted to give my customers something that was clean, make it easy to find the information they needed, responsive so they could view it on the go, and just more user friendly.

How did the redesign process go?

“The design process with the whole Charternet design team was amazing. Everyone I worked with from the initial design meeting to the launch and fine-tuning of the site at the end was amazing. The designer conveyed the look and feel I was going for while still being able to incorporate some important form customizations I had on my old site. It seemed from the very beginning we were all on the same page and the end result shows it.



Was the redesign process worth it?

The whole redesign process was a little daunting when I decided this was the route I needed to go. But I want to give many thanks for the great service the whole Charternet team has provided during the design process and after launch. And we really love the site too! It looks so good! We have been getting lots on compliments on it since launch and look forward to the ease of maintenance going forward! To sum it up – I’m very happy! With everything said and done, I am very pleased with how this whole design process went and even more happy continuing working with the whole Charternet team!

A huge thank you to Brian at Bareboat Sailing Charters for taking the time to sit down with us and giving us your honest opinion of your experience with the Charternet team!

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