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3 Reasons Why Your Logo is Crucial to Success

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As much as we hate to say it, we all make decisions and judgements based on first impressions. And for your charter business, your logo is the first thing on your website, business card, or marketing materials that potential customers are going to see.  They will make quick judgments about whether or not to do business with you based partly on how professional you appear to them at first glance. Potential customers move on (quickly) and do book their charter, yacht or fishing trip with someone else if you don’t appeal to them straight out of the gate, no matter how amazing your on-the-water experience is.

On top of being your first impression, you logo can also have a lasting impact on your company. Here are the top 3 reasons why have a professionally designed logo is crucial to the success of your marine business:

  1. Your logo tells customers who you are. The marine industry is a very competitive one and having a logo that quickly conveys who you are and why you are different goes a long way in reeling in a potential customer to dig deeper into your company. Your logo should emphasize why you are better than the guy in the slip next to you.
  2. Your logo helps people to remember you. We live in a very visual society. When potential customers are scrolling through pages and pages of charters on Facebook looking for the best one,  an eye-catching logo will hook them in and make it easier for them to remember you. When people remember your logo, you get a leg up on the competition.
  3. Your logo enables attracting new customers. Professional logo that is easy to remember can be the deciding factor when people decide to book with you. If it comes down to the you and another charter and your showing a more professional, accurate portrayal of what your customers will get when they book with you – you are going to win that customer hook, line and sinker!


We talk a lot about how important your website and logo is to the success of your business, so we are going to put our money where our mouth is!


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